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Helpdesk and On-site IT Support


NavaSolutions can make end user support extremely easy for your business. Each end user will be given access to ask for help via customer portal, dedicated support email or direct phone number. Through advanced remote access, we can put ourselves in the driver seat of any laptop/desktop to resolve all end users' issues real time.

Our job is to ensure that not only Server and Network are safe and secure, but so are each individual workstations (laptops, desktops). We can perform all your security and software updates, which are deployed as they become available.

Our team will schedule an Onsite visit on an agreed upon periodic terms. We want to ensure our clients only contact with us isn't only virtual, but also in-person.



Our team can contact any of your IT Providers on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day core business. These may include:

• Software providers/manufacturers
• Hardware providers/manufacturers
• Broadband and Internet providers
• Server manufacturers

Don't know what desktops, devices or applications to purchase? Do you have a budget that you need to manage? Not a problem! NavaSolutions can handle all your IT Procurement needs to get you the best from what you can afford.

And of course, we will also install anything you procure. At NavaSolutions, we firmly believe that operating on best technologies available makes your business more efficient.

Want to learn more about how we can help? Contact us today! Don't wait until the last minute. Let us proactively build your business and take care of your employees so they can perform at their best!

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